Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a naturally occurring molecule that is critical for our bone and joint health and supports our gut function, immune system, eye structure, skin and wound healing. Topshelf HA is a patented, oral supplement that contributes to a variety of anti-aging, cosmetic and restorative

Functions in humans, horses and companion animals, as the HA is the same in all mammals. Peer reviewed research has shown it may also have antibacterial and antiviral activity. Topshelf HA has no taste or odor and is non GMO, and contains no soy, sugar, yeast or artificial colors. Over the past 100 years since its discovery, because of its safety and anti-aging properties it has often been referred to as “the fountain of youth”. For an in depth look at the latest research on HA, check out Hyaluronan-The Most Important Molecule in Your Body by Dr. Douglas Kiburz M.D. , Orthopedic Surgeon.(Available on Amazon Kindle)

15 Ounce Family Size

Toshelf HA is a patented, oral, liquid supplement which can replentish the body’s decreasing HA production with as we age.

It has a three year shelf life and is easily reconstituted with bottled water to create the freshest and highest molecular weight HA for maximal effectiveness.

Additional information and up to date research is available at ha-topshlef.com

50 Ounce Equine Size

The Equine or Family size is formulated in a higher concentration for multiple users ( family and companion animals) or for equine use.

Topshelf HA  can be taken directly or placed on food or in a liquid beverage and becomes bioavailable from under the tongue and throughout the GI tract.

Additional information is available at ha-topshelf.com

For Humans

Our health and wellness are our personal responsibility and at least for now we can’t change the genetic makeup we were given so we have to take control of the elements of our life that we can influence.

There are mountains of advice available and most involve a “common sense” approach to our decision making. It begins with understanding your family history and ancestral trends such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and osteoporosis and making early decisions on diagnosis, prevention, and treatment plans.

The common-sense agenda: Proper Nutrition (what you eat today, walks and talks tomorrow) (specifically a balanced microbiome in our gut and anti-inflammatory foods), regular exercise, maintaining hydration, being smoke-free, using alcohol in moderation, avoiding risky activity (especially men), managing stress, getting regular checkups and vaccinations, getting adequate sleep and securing appropriate medications and supplements when necessary.

For Pets

Our companion animals, horses, dogs and cats primarily, are an important part of our lives and sometimes the best members of the family. Many supplements used in two legged creatures have evolved from the equine and canine worlds. That is the case with hyaluronic acid or HA, which has been used since the 1970’s in the animal kingdom. Glucosamine and chondroitin have been staples for animal supplement treatment but HA now has anecdotal and scientific documentation as a very successful supplement-first in injectable form and now in a liquid bioavailable formulation. HA is naturally a part of every mammalian (two and four legged) system and functions to lubricate joints, heal wounds and moderate the inflammatory and immune response. HA also is essential for eye, disc, skin and gi health and may well have antiviral properties. Over time, this multifunctional substance, HA, diminishes in our system and the result is essentially the “aging process” which progresses more rapidly in animals, given their life span.


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